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Diamond believes that your processes and our production should never be a mystery to our clients. That is why we created DiamondViewSM.  DiamondViewSMis our proprietary web based project management and reporting tool that allows our clients to view their projects at any time, and also provides valuable reporting and project management tools.  Provided as one integrated web based system, or as independent modules, the DiamondViewSM system provides you with the following key benefits:

Mail Tracking

Our Mail Tracking Module lets you know exactly where your mail is at any time in the mail stream – right up to when it is in the mail carriers’ hands. DiamondViewSM mail tracking and reporting is extremely valuable for our critical communications customers since it allows you to track your specific statement delivery even if you are commingling your mail. For clients using integrated and multiple channels, DiamondViewSM mail tracking and reporting lets you coordinate online and telesales communications based on mail delivery. So now you can schedule your emails deployments and ramp up your customer care center to coincide with mail delivery.

Project Log Specification

Our Project Log Specification Module provides our clients with an efficient way to create or automate their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which eliminate confusion and potential errors when different people work on multiple projects. Can you imagine how helpful it would be to have every step of your campaign, your data processing, or your statement communications available in easy to follow online instructions? The project log specification offering also helps your new employees follow a process from beginning to end which decreases their learning curve.  By creating a robust project specification electronic trail, it ensures that “in home” and agreed upon milestones are met throughout a project and holds Diamond and potentially other service providers accountable for schedules and deadlines.

Online Reporting and Proofing

Our Online Reporting and Proofing Module provides online proofs for viewing, reviewing, and approving 24/7/365. We share these documents with multiple people for sign offs without the dreaded problems of version control. The DiamondViewSM reporting and proofing system posts all documents with their status while also providing historic tracking of changes and revisions. The proofing system has built-in safe guards that prevent confusion on multiple versions and controls for tiered approvals so that each client’s unique chain of command can be established and maintained.

This easy to use reporting tool operates as an online filing cabinet with up to 2-years of archived records for future reference. And because it is web based, you and your team members can view and approve documents from wherever you are, whenever you want 24/7/365. 

Job Status

Our Job Status Module provides interactive data audits that show all activities performed on files from input through to final output. This means that you can see a full listing of all the data and records that are flagged for NCOA, might be undeliverable, are duplicate records within multiple file, and merge/purge results. All of your data audit documentation is kept together in one place and you can share these reports with any of your colleagues 24/7/365 from anywhere you have Internet access.

Our Inventory

Our Inventory Module provides real-time information regarding your quantities on hand and the usage history of each item. Our system allows you to see an image of each item we have in stock and minimizes errors regarding what is being ordered. In addition, our scanning technology ensures the accurate and exact location of everything in inventory at any given time, while keeping track of inventory levels for reorder purposes.